‘The View’: Whoopi Derails the Show After Stunning Herself With Realization She Has Her Glasses On

“Am I wearing my damn glasses?” the ABC host asks bewilderedly. “I am!”

The View

Whoopi Goldberg has been known to stun her cohosts on “The View” before — like when she seemingly revealed she’s been to jail — but on Monday morning, she threw her own self for a loop when she realized she was wearing glasses mid-show.

The moment came as the ABC moderator was teeing up the second segment of the day, mentioning a new study. But, as she did, she cut herself off.

“Am I wearing my damn glasses?” she asked bewilderedly. “I am!”

The moment earned a huge laugh from the audience and the rest of the table, with cohost Sara Haines asking why Goldberg was wearing her spectacles. And, really, the moderator had no idea.

“I don’t know, I must’ve been reading something on the phone!” she replied.

For those who don’t know, Goldberg stopped wearing her glasses on the show almost exactly a year ago, revealing that she got Lasik surgery. As such, Haines jokingly reminded her that she doesn’t need her glasses anymore.

To that, Goldberg admitted that she does still need glasses to read small print on her phone, and from there, she went off on a whole tangent complaining about the size of fonts online these days.

“Look, I know we should be talking about something else, but I do want to bring this up,” she prefaced. “Is it me, or is writing on everything getting smaller?”

Her cohosts rolled with her though, even as she questioned if it’s “a plot” to make people struggle. But, when Goldberg admitted that the words are now like “little ants” on a page, Ana Navarro immediately questioned her sanity, especially if she was saying that the words were moving.

And at that, Goldberg clammed up, and got back to the original topic at hand.

“The View” airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.


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