‘The View’: Joy Behar Asks Sunny Hostin Point Blank If Sex Scenes in New Book Are Based on ‘Personal Experience’

Behar adds that she’s “still traumatized” from having to read some of them aloud to the audience

The View

Joy Behar is never one to shy away from sex jokes on “The View,” but rarely does she explicitly ask about one of her cohosts own sex lives. She did just that on Tuesday morning though, asking Sunny Hostin point blank if she used her own sex life to create scenes in her new book.

The latest book from Hostin, called “Summer on Highland Beach,” is her third, and definitely includes some steamy scenes. In fact, earlier this month, the ABC hosts had Behar read some of those scenes aloud, much to her embarrassment. And apparently, she’s “still traumatized” from doing that.

But, Behar joked on Tuesday that sex really is smut, “if you’re doing it right.” She did have one question about those moments in the book though.

“The sexy parts of the book — did you write that out of personal experience?” Behar said.

Hostin was quick to say no, almost to the surprise of Behar, who looked visibly stunned at the speed with which she answered. Hostin quickly explained though that there’s actually a team who helps her write those more explicit moments.

“I have a writers room of men and women, and we write them together because I’m a repressed Catholic,” Hostin explained. “And I just can’t write them. And I have all these sexual experiences — who knew my friends were this sexy? — and we get together, men and women, and we are looking at it through a female gaze, but they help me write the books.”

Hostin also praised Behar for her narrating abilities after reading those scenes on the air, which Behar immediately promised she would never do again.

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