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Mel Gibson Really Hits the Wall in ‘Get the Gringo’ Trailer (Video)

"Lethal Weapon" star Mel Gibson takes time out from allegedly launching into heinous tirades long enough to make another movie

Mel Gibson, crashing his car into a wall while trying to evade the authorities? No, it's not just another night in Malibu — it's the new trailer for "Get the Gringo," his latest cinematic masterpiece, coming exclusively to DirecTV on May 1.

In the movie, Gibson — who's made headlines in recent days for allegedly spouting some pretty nasty things — plays Driver, a American criminal who crashes through the border wall while trying to outrun the U.S. Border Patrol. A series of events land him inside the walls of a Mexican prison. Surely, a touching fish-out-of-water tale ensues — because, clearly, Gibson has displayed a tremendous capacity for cultural sensitivity over the years.

OK, possibly not. But if nothing else, the trailer offers numerous shots of Gibson getting slapped in the face and otherwise abused, which is gratifying on its own level. Check it out in the video below.