Michael B. Jordan Tells Bill Simmons: I’m Making a Basketball-Themed TV Show

The actor also discusses "Fruitvale Station" with the Grantland founder and podcast host

"Fruitvale Station" star Michael B. Jordan is developing a basketball-themed TV show set in Detroit, the actor told Grantland's Bill Simmons on Monday's edition of popular podcast The B.S. Report.

It's unclear whether Jordan intends to act on the show or simply stay behind the scenes in a producing capacity. A representative for the actor had no comment.

After Simmons gave his guest some career advice (not that he needs any), Jordan responded,

"Why don't you produce one of my TV shows I've been working on?"

"Is it a sports one? Will there be balls?" asked Simmons, who taped the interview on Friday.

"Yes, definitely. Basketballs," said Jordan, who revealed that the show is set in Detroit and in the vein of his past series "Friday Night Lights" and "The Wire." It's unclear whether the series would follow a high school, college or professional basketball team.

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"I just think Detroit is such an interesting city. The automotive industry kind of destroyed that town when they went away and started outsourcing jobs and stuff like that. We'll talk," joked Jordan, who grew up in Newark, N.J., and considers himself a fan of Michigan State's basketball program.

Jordan appeared on the B.S. Report to promote "Fruitvale Station," which opened over the weekend and performed very well in limited release.

"It's not a film that's gonna gross $100 million opening weekend. It's not one of those projects. As long as it means something to people and people are affected by it, and I get people to start thinking about how we treat one another. I just want people to start thinking and start valuing life a little bit more," explained Jordan.

"I don't feel like they're making enough movies like this anymore," added Simmons, who was speaking for just about everyone disappointed by this summer's big-budget blockbuster fare.

Jordan agreed, claiming they made "Fruitvale Station" for $900,000 with one camera and some duct tape, singling out writer-director Ryan Coogler and DP Rachel Morrison for special praise.

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As for that aforementioned career advice, Simmons suggested that Jordan get himself a famous girlfriend.

"I think you need a celebrity relationship. Talk to Kenny [Goodman], your dude, about this. Somebody famous. A 2.5-monther. You wanna hit that US Weekly cycle … then in 10 weeks, get rid of her," joked Simmons.

Jordan is currently single, as he barely has any time to date. "I'm just reading a lot of scripts and taking a lot of meetings trying to figure out the best move," said Jordan, who has been busy attending dozens of "Fruitvale Station" screenings, though he's only sat through the movie five times.

Simmons closed the podcast by suggesting that Jordan, who played Wallace on "The Wire," return as the character's uncle if creator David Simon ever decides to do a "Wire" movie.

We won't hold our breath for that one, however tantalizing the possibility.