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‘Phelps Vs Shark': Vegas Makes Great White the Mega(lodon) Favorite

Killer fish is set to devour Olympic hero, per Bovada

Don’t bring that weak dolphin kick into his sea, Michael Phelps.

Vegas sports book Bovada has set a line for Discovery “Shark Week’s” upcoming “Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White” — in which Phelps will actually race a great white shark — and it’s not looking good for Ryan Lochte’s boy.

One can win $11 by betting $2 on the Summer Olympic legend. To win even a dollar on the shark, you have to drop an Alexander Hamilton.

Here’s the line:

Who will win the race: Phelps vs. Shark | Great Gold vs. Great White?
Michael Phelps              +550     (11/2)
Great White Shark         -1000   (1/10)
**Wagers will not have action if there a handicap imposed on the race e.g.: Delayed start or other methods.

That final line item is key: If Phelps gets a head start, all bets are (literally) off.

While “Phelps Vs. Shark: Great Gold Vs. Great White” is set for Sunday, July 23 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, the actual logistical details are unknown at this point. It’s possible Phelps will swim against a CGI shark, based on traditional Great White rates of speed. Or perhaps there will be an actual shark in a separate (or separated) pool. Discovery also did not reveal whether or not Phelps (or the man-eating fish, we suppose) get an early jump to make the mini-meet more competitive.

Here’s the official description of the Peacock Productions stunt programming: They are one of the fastest and most efficient predators on the planet: Sharks. He is our greatest champion to ever get in the water: Michael Phelps. 39 world records. 23 Olympic golds. But he has one competition left to win. An event so monumental no one has ever attempted it before. The world’s most decorated athlete takes on the ocean’s most efficient predator: “Phelps V Shark” – the race is on!