Michael Rapaport Unleashes F-Bomb Tirade on LeBron James Over Kyrie Irving Trade Request (Video)

The actor and hoops-head didn’t mince words when calling out the NBA superstar


Actor Michael Rapaport made it clear he’s firmly choosing “Team Kyrie Irving” over “Team LeBron James.”

After it was revealed Cleveland Cavaliers’ star point guard Kyrie Irving asked to be traded on Friday, Rapaport took to Twitter in a ruthless 59-second video rant, blaming James for the turn of events.

“LeBron, you f—ed up,” said Rapaport. “And now you got nothin’.”

For non-hoops fans: James has been reportedly eying the Los Angeles Lakers as his next stop after his contract with the Cavaliers expires in 2018… and his teammate doesn’t appear willing to wait around for him to make his decision. James hasn’t explicitly said he’s leaving Cleveland, but NBA talking heads think it’s a real possibility — and it’s apparently real enough to make Irving want to file for a preemptive divorce. Tired of being James’ “little brother,” Irving has asked the Cavs to trade him — a development that left the NBA’s best player “blindsided and disappointed.”

(Warning: foul language ensues)

Rapaport — who has been a fixture on ESPN and Fox Sports in recent years, as well as an annual participant in the NBA’s “Celebrity Game” during All-Star Weekend — applauded Irving’s decision to look elsewhere.

“Good for you, Kyrie. You deserve to play in a city where you can get a decent bowl of sushi on a Tuesday night,” said Rapaport. “I’m proud of you.”

The star of the upcoming Netflix comedy series “Atypical” then turned his ire towards King James and his hairline, saying he’s alienated a key teammate with his potential Hollywood-move.

“[Kyrie] f-cking carried you last season, you f–k you,” said Rapaport. “And now you got nothing, LeBron. You’re gonna be scratching your bald f—ing head next season.”

Rapaport then mimicked James’ recent Instagram videos before letting out a howling cackle. Check out the full video for the performance art.