Michelle Obama Raps With Jay Pharoah to Make Kids ‘Go to College’ (Video)

FLOTUS can rhyme a bit

Last Updated: December 11, 2015 @ 10:58 AM

Michelle Obama wants you to go to college so bad that she even rapped about it. For real.

FLOTUS joined “Saturday Night Live” star Jay Pharoah on CollegeHumor’s track and music video “Go to College,” an effort to spread her Better Make Room initiative. And yeah, she really did spit some bars — but first, Pharoah went HAM on some high school grads.

Then the duo performed a chorus duet: “If you wanna fly jets/you should go to college./Reach high and cash checks/Fill your head with knowledge.”

Finally, it was time for Obama’s solo.

“South Side Chicago/We all know/We had to do overtime every night/to make it tomorrow,” she rhymed, assisted by a little auto-tune.

President Barack Obama’s wife continued: “And everyone could really make their dream true/Hey kid, listenin’ in Michigan/That could be you.”

So, yeah, she really wants kids to go to college.

There were one or two concessions by the comedian and his White House partner, however: If you want to watch paint or stare at grass, you don’t have to go to college.

Watch the video above.