Microsoft’s RoomAlive Could Make ‘Her’ Interactive Video Game a Reality (Video)

Take a look at the future

If you thought that the video game Joaquin Phoenix plays in “Her” would be awesome to play in real life, get ready to get your hopes up, because technology is quickly catching up to director Spike Jonze‘s imagination.

Microsoft Research released new footage (above) on Sunday demonstrating its RoomAlive project, which combines Xbox Kinect censors and projectors to make your entire living room an interactive gaming environment.

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“Users can touch, shoot, stomp, dodge and steer projected content that seamlessly co-exists with their existing physical environment,” Microsoft said in a statement. “The basic building blocks of RoomAlive are projector-depth camera units, which can be combined through a scalable, distributed framework. The projector-depth camera units are individually auto-calibrating, self-localizing, and create a unified model of the room with no user intervention.”

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The proof-of-concept prototype that has thousands of gamers getting excited for what the future may hold for them was created by 10 researchers, but is still years off from being boxed and sold in stores.