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Mindy Kaling Tries to Make Clean Episodes of ‘The Mindy Project’ — And Fails (Video)

Star and creator tells Conan O’Brien, “My inner pervert can’t not do these episodes, as it turns out”

Mindy Kaling dropped by TBS’s “Conan,” where she both laughed at and lamented the fact that her Fox sitcom “The Mindy Project” seems to come on with a warning before every episode.

“My inner pervert can’t not do these episodes, as it turns out,” she told Conan O’Brien.

“We try. We’re like, Okay guys, let’s be classy for once in our lives,” she said. “Let’s not have an episode that needs a warning at the beginning to tell you to hide your children. And it never works, Conan.”

Kaling then detailed the episode this past season that even she couldn’t believe made it on the air at Fox. After an elaborately vague description of the episode, Kaling felt the need to clarify things.

“That episode was about anal sex. I feel like I didn’t say it and then it was very confusing to people that I didn’t,” she blurted out. “It was about anal sex, which I think I can say on TBS, but I can’t say it on Fox.”

This admission completely derailed the conversation for several minutes, leading to a discussion of TBS’s anal sex programming block, and O’Brien’s lament that he failed to ask documentarian Ken Burns about it.

Turns out the interview wound up worthy of a warning as well.

Watch the interview go completely off the rails.

“The Mindy Project” airs Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on Fox.