‘Morning Joe’: Trump’s ‘Not Smart Enough’ to Actually Hurt CNN (Video)

Joe Scarborough says POTUS is actually helping “great friend” Jeff Zucker by calling him “fake news”

Morning Joe
MSNBC's 'Morning Joe'

“Morning Joe” Scarborough is so over President Trump, he’s willing to praise MSNBC’s competition to end this insanity.

Responding to Trump’s latest attack on “fake news,” a tweet in which the leader of the free world called the media — the “failing” New York Times, NBC News, ABC, CBS and CNN, specifically — the “enemy of the American people,” Scarborough chose country and logic over business.

“Let’s just put it all out on the table,” Scarborough said on Monday’s show. “Everybody’s ratings are up. Newspaper subscriptions at The New York Times are exploding, The Washington Post is doing better than its ever done before. The ‘failing CNN’? You know, from the day that Donald Trump called them ‘fake news,’ CNN’s numbers have exploded.”

“There is nothing Donald Trump could do to help CNN more than what he’s doing,” he added, referring to the cable news channel’s boss Jeff Zucker as our Commander-in-Chief’s “great friend.”

“You would think somebody around him would be smart enough to say, ‘You know, actually, if you really hate Jeff Zucker and you really hate the New York Times, the best thing you can do is invite ’em over for dinner and make peace,” Scarborough said. “He’s just not smart enough to figure that out, I guess.”

Watch the video above. Scarborough’s comments about Trump’s intelligence come around the 11:45 mark.