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MSNBC Anchor Breaks Down During Fallen Soldiers Segment (Video)

Stephanie Ruhle struggles to contain herself as she discusses the death of a fallen U.S. soldier

Things took an emotional turn during the closing minutes of MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle. When the morning anchor was discussing U.S. soldiers killed during an ISIS attack in Niger, she could be heard openly weeping behind the b-roll footage.

“Sergeant Johnson’s body arrived in Miami yesterday. The sergeant’s American flag draped casket was wheeled out of the plane by six other American soldier’s at Miami international airport. His wife Myeshia was escorted to the casket along with her six-year-old daughter to greet the casket of her husband,” said Ruhle.

While her face was concealed with footage of the tragic homecoming, she could be heard openly weeping on set.

“This heart wrenching image of a wife leaning over the casket of her love — you can hear her sobbing as she stood with her daughter,” Ruhle continued.  “Her little girl is next to her in braids, wearing a pink dress and holding her mom’s hand. She kissed the casket before walking away. American hero Sergeant Johnson has two young children, and his wife is pregnant, expected to have a baby this February.”

The story of Johnson and three other American’s killed in an ISIS terrorist attack in Niger took on renewed newsworthiness after Congresswoman Frederica Wilson reported that Trump had called the widow of Sergeant Johnson and sarcastically told her that he “knew what he signed up for.”

Trump publicly disputed that accounting on Twitter.