Nat Geo Puts Programming up to Viewer Vote With ‘Would You Rather’

Fans will get to choose their favorite types of wildlife shows via hashtag polling on social media

It’s a subreddit, an R-rated party game, a Golden Globes joke and now Would You Rather is a Nat Geo Wild social media programming poll.

The network has devised a unique way to let viewers vote on their favorite types of wild animal shows. Starting Wednesday, Nat Geo Wild will launch Would You Rather Wild Wednesdays.

Each week, through Feb. 24, viewers will choose the wildlife programming they’d rather watch by voting via Facebook and Twitter. TV fans will decide if they would rather watch tiny or big animals, furry or scaly ones, ones that swim or slither, or ones that live in a hot or cold climate.

Viewers will make their choice by using the week’s hashtag to pick their favorite. Voting begins each Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. ET and wraps the following Tuesday at midnight.

Choices over the next four weeks will be:

#WildFur vs #WildScales

Featuring either fury animals such as ice bears, wolves and cheetahs or scaly creatures including bluefin tuna, crocodiles and deadly snakes, voting begins Jan. 28. and the poll payoff airs Feb. 4.

#WildTiny vs #WildBig
Pitting the animal kingdom’s mini-me’s such as hummingbirds and killer shrimp against killer whales, apes and giant pandas, voting begins Feb. 4 and the poll payoff airs Feb. 11.

#WildSwim vs #WildSlither

Presenting blue whales and sharks in one corner and king cobras and anacondas in the other, voting begins Feb. 11 and the poll payoff airs Feb. 18.

#WildHot vs. #WildCold 

Setting African butterfly fish and eel catfish opposite camping friends bears and caribou, voting begins Feb. 18 and the poll payoff airs Feb. 25.

Game on, Nat Geo Wild.

Would You Rather winning programming airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Nat Geo Wild.

Watch the promo below: