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#NationalCandyCornDay Has Twitter Divided Like: ‘Candy Corn Isn’t Gross – You Are’

Forget politics, nothing is more bipartisan than the little sugar triangle things

No one knows what candy corn is made of, and no one wants to know what candy corn is made of. Love the sugary treat or hate it, today is #NationalCandyCornDay, and that’s got Twitter all riled up and divided.

“Candy corn isn’t gross — you are,” one staunch defender on a clear sugar-high wrote Monday.

“Candy Corn: 0% Candy 0% Corn 100% Disappointment,” the freaking Iowa State University Police Department countered on the same social media platform.

Read more reactions to the tricolored traffic cone-looking snack below. And regardless of where you fall on these things, don’t eat loose candy tomorrow, kids. (Perhaps that should have been your message, ISU PD?)

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