NBC, Shazam Partner for Olympics Mobile Experience

Viewers can use Shazam to access polls, videos and other related content

Shazam has partnered with NBC for the London Olympics, offering viewers a mobile app experience rife with schedules, polls and videos that is intended to be used while watching the televised games.

The more than 70 million Americans with Shazam installed on their mobile devices can open the app while watching the Olympics and use the audio recognition technology to access a variety of exclusive content.

The company's Olympic strategy is akin to what Shazam did with the Super Bowl and the Grammys — using a major event to let the world know it is more than just a music tagging app. Shazam for TV, which revolves around viewers tagging a show or advertisement on television and then accessing content related to the program, is a cornerstone of the company’s future.

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“This demonstrates that TV companion apps and using Shazam with TV is a mainstream experience that millions of people will do,” David Jones, EVP of Marketing for Shazam, told TheWrap. “It’s a fantastic milestone – the next step in the evolution of Shazam for TV with the biggest TV event of the year.”

When viewers tag, they will have the opportunity to watch live video, get TV listings, see the results and schedules, answer poll questions and track medal counts. They can also tag any music used in the Olympics broadcasts.

Users can continue to access that information while out of the home by going through their tagging history, but it is principally a companion app.

Research demonstrates that viewers use their phones and tablets while watching TV, and Shazam is hoping this experience will make its app the go-to “second screen” app for Olympics viewers.

“It’s expected that more than two-thirds of the U.S. population will watch the Olympics,” David Jones, EVP of Marketing for Shazam, told TheWrap. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to showcase what we can do and deliver impact with our massive user base.”

“NBC is not working with many folks – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are core or social. Shazam is for second-screen interaction,” Jones said.

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Given the company’s massive user base, it has been a choice partner for major networks and their tentpole events.

NBC will promote Shazam throughout its broadcasts. Shazam also has a deal with Proctor & Gamble, which means their Shazam-enabled ads will call on viewers to use the app.

You can also see promotional spots for new NBC shows within the app, which also links users to NBC’s own Olympics companion app.

AT&T is the sponsor for this particular Shazam experience.