‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Star Shalita Grant Shows Off Her Agent Lingo (Video)

The ‘NCIS’ spinoff’s newest regular cast member gets tested on acronyms like APB and MTAC by TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell

In Season 2 of “NCIS: New Orleans,” Shalita Grant was promoted from recurring appearances to the main cast as the newest NCIS agent, Sonja Percy. Now that the season is drawing to a close, Grant got a chance to show how much terminology she’s picked up from her new job during a pop quiz with TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell.

Grant got an obvious one to start it off: What does NCIS stand for? From there, an alphabet soup of acronyms and jargon was fed to Grant: CSI, MTAC, BOLO, and ME. Grant did pretty well … except when she was asked what APB stood for.

“A … potentially … embarrassing … basket,” she guessed.

Grant did nail the last term: SECNAV, which refers to the Secretary of the Navy. She noted that Ray Mabus, the real life SECNAV, showed up for a cameo in an earlier episode this season.

“All the people tweeting were like, ‘Who is this random guy who just showed up at the bar?'”

NCIS: New Orleans airs tonight at 9/8c on CBS.