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Need Love? Be a Total Witch!

On "More to Love," just being overweight -- or overweight and crazy -- isn't enough.

I get the intended message of “More to Love.” Really, I do. Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and if you’re overweight you deserve love, too.
But the “real” message that seems to be coming through -- loud and clear -- is that if you are confident, you’ll get the guy in the end. 
Wait, scratch that and replace “confident” with “total witch.”
I’ve said from the start that these girls’ main problem is not their weight but their lack of self-esteem. And week after week we’ve viewed their whining as a (sometimes tiresome) source of entertainment.
Two girls have stood out all along for not being victims of their weight -- buxom waitress Malissa and tomboyish model Anna. While Anna has been nothing but nice, cheering all the other girls on, Malissa has literally laughed at their (multiple) meltdowns. Still, Luke has professed his attraction to both of them week after week.
But since Luke sent Anna packing last night, it has become fairly obvious that he will choose Malissa in the end. This irks me for so many reasons. 
I don’t know if it’s the editing or what, but every time we see this girl, she’s saying something tacky or smiling at other people’s misfortunes. Yes, she’s pretty, but she’s clearly also read “Why Men Marry Bitches.” 
Is this really the message that the producers want to send out? “Crazy and fat is bad but bitchy and fat is good?” 
It seemed that Luke almost got a glimpse of Malissa’s inner workings last night when her sisters surprised her on their date. Tough cookie Kat (haven’t I seen her on “Intervention”?) interrogated him, while threateningly displaying her terrifying purple talons.  (Seriously, those things should be registered.) 
It was hard to say whether or not Malissa was horrified by her sister taking the day off from the trailer to come and visit, but what was obvious was her anger when Kat outed her aversion to children.
I’ve just gotta let go, I guess. I wouldn’t wish Luke on Anna anyway, nor would I wish him on gorgeous Tali. (Thank goodness he seems scared to death of her “different” Israeli culture!) 
Now crazy Mandy ... that I wouldn’t mind seeing. But that’s just wishful thinking.
He and Malissa are going to make a great pair, and that says a lot about both of them.
As a footnote, why does the Duggars’ latest pregnancy warrant an appearance on the “Today” show? Just because you can have 19 kids doesn’t mean that you should
It seems a bit irresponsible to me. How do they even afford to keep all their girls in perms and long denim skirts anyway?
No one can deny that in the world of reality TV, huge families are the new “social experiment” ("Jon & Kate," "Table for 12"). But this ain’t “The Real World: Multiples,” people. While some of these families excel at raising soccer teams full of children (at least for a while), they are the exception. 
We should not be encouraging this.
TLC does not agree. The fact that they even have the gall to produce and air new episodes of “Jon and Kate” at all makes me wonder about the ethics of this network. 
Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Duggars got more money for making more children.