‘Need for Speed’s’ Aaron Paul Did His Own Stunts, Nearly Killed Director Scott Waugh (Video)

Oh, and he is probably going to have to move because of all the “Breaking Bad” fan tourists

Aaron Paul did his own stunts — without any CGI — in Dreamworks’ “Need for Speed,” the star said on Wednesday’s “Conan.”

One particularly high-intensity driving scene had the actor panicking, though it really should have had director Scott Waugh scared out of his mind.

“I had to slide [the car] and get it within inches of the camera,” Paul recalled. “The first take, I get about 15 feet short.”

That wasn’t good enough for the director, who was holding the camera because the actual cameraman wanted nothing to do with the danger. “[Waugh] said, ‘If you hit me, don’t worry about it, I’ll just roll over the car,’” Paul remembered. He nailed it a few takes after that.

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Later in the show, Paul admitted that his self-imposed hospitality to “Breaking Bad” fans is probably going to cause him to relocate. Word got out that Paul’s house, which is “literally a 90-second walk above Sunset [Boulevard],” was the place to score some champagne and face time with a real Hollywood star.

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“It was just such a terrible idea,” Paul said. “I think I have to move.”

Watch the clips: