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‘Neighbors 2’ Star Chloe Grace Moretz Reveals ‘Raunchy’ Deleted Sex Scene With Zac Efron (Video)

”It was an anti-sex scene because my clothes stayed on,“ Moretz said on Thursday’s ”The Talk“

Chloe Grace Moretz allegedly had a pretty steamy sex scene with Zac Efron in “Neighbors 2,” but it did not make the final cut of the movie.

“It was an anti-sex scene because my clothes stayed on,” Moretz said on Thursday’s “The Talk.” “It was only him that was completely undressed. It was pretty raunchy, pretty wild.”

So why didn’t the scene make it into the movie?

“It just didn’t fit in in the right way, the way we wanted it to,” she said. “I put him in some really compromising positions … really changing the gender norms.”

“Neighbors 2” stars Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Efron, Moretz, Dave FrancoKiersey Clemons and Beanie Feldstein, and this time around, Mac (Rogen) and Kelly (Byrne) have to take down a sorority that moved in next door while the couple is in escrow with a second child on the way.

The movie hits theaters Friday.

Universal could not be reached for comment.

Watch the video above.