New ‘Scream’ Trailer Kills Off All Your Favorite MTV Stars (Video)

The casts of “Faking It,” “Awkward” and “Teen Wolf” all meet gruesome ends

The latest trailer for MTV’s television adaptation of the “Scream” horror franchise sees several MTV stars enjoying a killer party.

The trailer begins with a close-up of “Awkward” star Ashley Rickards. As the camera pulls back, we see that her throat has been cut.

As we go around the room, we see that Rita Volk (“Faking It”), Molly Tarlov (“Awkward”), Tyler Posey (“Teen Wolf”) and several others have been dispatched in particularly bloody fashion.

The trailer ends with the “Scream” cast arriving at the party. John Karna — who plays Noah in the new series — notices, “It sounds dead in there.”

The “Scream” franchise kicked off in 1996 with the first film directed by Craven and starring Neve Campbell. The last sequel, “Scream 4,” hit theaters in 2011 with Emma Roberts leading the newest batch of teenagers getting slaughtered.

“Scream” the series will premiere on MTV June 30 at 10pm/9c.

Watch the video above.