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New York Times’ Maggie Haberman Says She’s ‘Taking a Break’ From Twitter

”No reason or prompt other than that it’s not really helping the discourse,“ says New York Times White House correspondent

The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman announced on Sunday that she would be taking a bit of a break from Twitter and with the exception of posting her own stories and breaking news, would not be saying much on the platform.

The paper’s White House correspondent said that the conversation on the platform had become unhelpful to the “discourse.”

“With exception of breaking news and my own stories, taking a break from this platform,” she tweeted. “No reason or prompt other than that it’s not really helping the discourse.”

Haberman’s quasi-renunciation of Twitter mirrors that of her former White House colleague Glenn Thrush, who made a similar declaration while he worked the same beat with her in September 2017.

“I’ve decided to delete my Twitter account at midnight,” he said. “Too much of a distraction.”

Thrush — in the end — didn’t delete his account, instead, he let it sit dormant for several months before returning to the platform.

The Haberman tweet went around media and political circles late Sunday night with some lauding her decision, while others assumed that it would only be temporary.

A veteran of the New York Post before joining the Times, Haberman developed a chummy relationship with Trump long before he became president. The connection proved invaluable after he defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, which gave her unparalleled access to the president. Trump is known to call Haberman on her cell phone to vent from time to time and she has conducted some of the most revealing interviews with him.

When Trump called her a “flunky” and insisted he didn’t know her during a fit of pique over a story which displeased him, photos of the two in the Oval Office surfaced the rounds to much criticism.