Nicki Minaj Trashes Donald Trump in ‘Black Beatles’ Remix (Audio)

Rapper speaks out against President-elect with “Black Barbies”

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Nicki Minaj took some pointed swipes at Donald Trump in “Black Barbies,” her remix of the hit track “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd, Gucci Mane and Mike Will.

“Island girl, Donald Trump want me go home,” Minaj says in the new track. Later, she says, “Now I’m prayin’ all my foreigns don’t get deported.”

Minaj announced “Black Barbies” on her Instagram account, writing, “Why? Cuz 2 Lil black kids got the NUMBER 1 RECORD IN THE COUNTRY & I’m soooooo happy for Mike Will.”

Minaj is the latest celebrity to voice opposition to the president-elect. Lady Gaga helped stage a protest outside Trump Tower in New York following Trump’s election last week.

In addition, several major stars have written open letters to express their disappointment and fear at the prospect of Trump’s presidency.

Aaron Sorkin wrote a letter to his daughter, telling her that he would fight for her rights should Trump and his administration seek to curb women’s access to healthcare.

“I will not hand [my daughter] a country shaped by hateful and stupid men,” he wrote. “Your tears last night woke me up, and I’ll never go to sleep on you again.”

Ardent Hillary Clinton supporter Lena Dunham also spoke out against Trump’s election. “It is painful on a cellular level knowing those men got what they wanted, just as it’s painful to know you are hated for daring to ask for what is yours,” she wrote.