North Korea Says ‘The Interview’ Screening in Berlin ‘Instigating Terrorism’

Capital city of North Korea says comedy about killing Kim Jong-un not in line with purpose of Berlin Film Festival

North Korea said if “The Interview” is submitted to the Berlin International Film Festival it would be “instigating terror.”

On Wednesday, Pyongyang’s foreign ministry said the comedic film depicting Seth Rogen and James Franco‘s attempt to assassinate Kim Jong-un is not in line with the purpose of the Berlinale festival.

North Korea’s capital city also warned the movie’s release in Berlin would promote “freedom of terrorism and violence” rather than “freedom of speech.”

The Korean Culture Center in Germany claimed Sony Pictures never submitted the movie to the festival, but the movie will be released in Berlin on the same day the 65th Berlinale begins on February 5th.

On Tuesday, Sony announced “The Interview” surpassed $40 million from online and on-demand viewings.