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Now That Proposition 64 Passed, When Can California Start Smoking Weed?

Really, really, REALLY soon


No, really. At the stroke of midnight Nov. 9, the recreational use of marijuana will be legal in California.

While most voters were anxiously glued to Tuesday night’s elections coverage waiting to see who the next leader of the free world would be, Californians were closely eyeing Proposition 64, also known as the “weed one.”

Well, congratulations, California–the weed law (if you want to get technical, The Adult Use of Marijuana Act) passed in the Golden State, so feel free to light one up in celebration.

Although medical marijuana had already been legal in the state for 20 years — and even without a legitimate card, the most trouble anyone caught smoking would get in is probably a slap on the wrist — now cannabis is free for all.

Of course under the new law, you must be 21 years of age or older to smoke weed and you can’t just do it wherever you’d like or suddenly become the weed plug.

Smokers can only be in possession of an ounce and you can’t smoke it in public lest you are ready to be slapped with a $100 fine. And driving under the influence of marijuana is also illegal).

If you want to open up shop and start selling cannabis, you have to tell Big Brother… uhh I mean the State, first, and then Bureau of Marijuana Control will issue you a license to do so, after you pay a fee of course. So, no, your local dispensary still cannot sell marijuana to you without a medical card until the shop gets licensed–which is required to happen by January 2018.

Happy smoking.