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Omarosa: Trump Is ‘Intent on Starting a Race War’ (Video)

“When Donald Trump started attacking NFL players about kneeling, he only attacked African-American athletes,” the former White House aide tells Joy Reid

Last Updated: August 27, 2018 @ 9:21 AM

Omarosa Manigault Newman accused President Trump of trying to ignite a “race war” in the United States, citing what she said were his persistent attacks on African-Americans as proof.

“He’s intent on starting a race war. That’s what I believe,” Manigault Newman told anchor Joy Reid over the weekend, saying that Trump himself was very good at being “racial” while publicly avoiding racist language.

“When Donald Trump started attacking NFL players about kneeling, he only attacked African-American athletes,” Omarosa said. “He was trying to stir up his base by using an issue that he knew his base would gravitate to, to see him attack wealthy, prominent, African-American men, wasn’t necessarily saying that he’s being racist but he was being racial.”

Manigault appeared on Reid’s show to promote her book “Unhinged,” a tell-all chronicling her time working as a presidential aide and Communications Director for the Office of the Public Liaison.

Notably absent from her appearance with Reid were any more tapes. Earlier this month, Omarosa caused a stir after releasing several secretly-recorded conversations between her and senior Trump officials. One documented her firing from the highly secure White House situation room; another showed several White House aides frantically discussing how they could spin the emergence of a tape showing Trump saying the N-word — a tape she says she has heard.

While the New York Times speculated that there are about up to “200” such Omarosa recordings, only four have so far been released. Trump himself took notice of his former aide, launching several nasty tweets at her and even attempting to stop the book’s release through legal action.

The ongoing uproar generated by the former Apprentice star has helped rocket the book to the top of the New York Times bestseller list, where it now enters its second week at No. 1. The book has also hovered in Amazon’s top ten bestsellers since it was released on Aug. 14.

The tone of the work is a notable departure for Manigault Newman, who was once one of President Trump’s staunchest defenders, and once famously told critics — before Trump was elected — that they would soon have to “bow down” to the real estate billionaire.