Oscar Nominee Reactions: Jennifer Lawrence, Lady Gaga, Leo DiCaprio Go on Thanking Spree

Shock, surprise, tears and all — see Hollywood’s excessive gratitude on display

Oscar nominees

Hollywood was awash in gratitude on Thursday morning as the Oscar nominations gave many in the industry the honor of having “Academy Award Nominee” written on Starbucks cups before their proper names.

While some nurse the wounds from snubs and others pop bottles at 6 a.m. over surprises (hey, Lenny Abrahamson), most artists with Academy Awards were just plain thankful.

Jennifer Lawrence, Lady Gaga, Leo DiCaprio and many more shared their triumphs:

Jennifer Lawrence, Best Actress, “Joy”
“I am beyond grateful and humbled by this nomination. I feel incredibly honored to be recognized among the other amazing women in this category. Joy is an incredibly inspiring story about an ordinary woman who does extraordinary things. For me, working with David O. Russell has been nothing short of extraordinary, and I share this nomination with him as well as our incredible supporting cast. I could not be more proud to be a part of this film and thankful to the producers and Fox for their unyielding support.”

Leonardo DiCaprio, Best Actor, “The Revenant”
“I am so grateful to the Academy for their recognition of this film. Making ‘The Revenant’ was one of the most rewarding and collaborative experiences of my life. None of this would have been possible without Alejandro [inarritu’s] talent, vision and determination. Our dedicated crew also deserves to share in this moment. Together, they have created a truly unique cinematic experience. Congratulations to all of my fellow nominees this season. Thank you to the Academy.”

Mark Rylance, Best Supporting Actor, “Bridge of Spies”
“It is a delight to be celebrated as a supporting actor in Steven’s beautiful film, Bridge of Spies. I cannot separate my work in the film from the work of my friend Tom Hanks. Every thought, every look, every expression you are celebrating in my portrayal of Rudolph Abel, I found them all in the thoughtful generous presence of Tom Hanks beside me, or behind the camera, yet still with me 100%, every take, every moment. Of course you would witness none of it without Steven, nor are any of the choices of what you witness mine. The performance belongs equally to him and all his wonderful crew, who I am proud to call friends, as I admire them enormously. May I say, I am particularly proud to be nominated as a supporting actor, as I find the level of supporting acting in films these days utterly convincing and very often extremely moving, even the smallest parts.”

Jennifer Jason Leigh, Best Supporting Actress, “The Hateful Eight”
“This is incredible news to wake up to. I am thrilled. I didn’t think the experience of working with Quentin and this cast could get any more rewarding….to get this recognition for this role is such a joy. ”

Lady Gaga and Diane Warren, Best Original Song, “Til It Happens to You”
“This nomination lends a voice to so many victims and their families around the world. Thank you to The Academy for recognizing the movement of people who have come together around ‘The Hunting Ground’ and “Til It Happens To You” in the name of sexual assault. Diane Warren and I are simply honored to represent the voices of so many survivors, “said Gaga.

“I am so excited about this nomination for my song ‘Til It Happens To You.’ It means a lot to Lady Gaga and me that the song has been recognized by the Academy and has also resonated so deeply with survivors of sexual assault, giving a voice to this movement as well as comfort and empowerment to those who have experienced any difficult situation in their lives,” added Warren.

Producer Simon Kinberg, Best Picture, “The Martian”
“We made this movie with a lot of love: love for science, love for cinema, a sort of radical optimism about human beings. We didn’t know if the world would embrace it. They did, and now I’m so thrilled the Academy has embraced it too.”

Matthew Heineman, Best Documentary Feature, “Cartel Land”
“I am profoundly honored by this Oscar nomination. Since 2007, over 100,000 people have been killed in the Mexican drug wars and over 25,000 have disappeared. I made CARTEL LAND to put a face to this violence and to examine the ramifications of what happens when citizens take the law into their own hands to fight back.Hopefully, this nomination will give voice to those trapped by this senseless cycle of violence, suffering, and corruption.”

Phyllis Nagy, Best Adapted Screenplay, “Carol”
“I am humbled and thrilled by the Academy’s nomination, and for the recognition of the work of so many of my Carol collaborators. It’s the stuff of dreams, for sure, and I certainly never imagined this happening when I began this journey 18 years ago. I am so proud that Patricia Highsmith‘s groundbreaking novel has also been saluted. I know my friend Pat is knocking back a few neat scotches in writer’s heaven. The Weinstein Company, Liz Karlsen, Stephen Woolley, Christine Vachon, Film 4 and Todd Haynes allowed all of this to happen, and I am profoundly grateful to them.”

“It is a great honour to be nominated for the second time for an Academy Award for my score for Sicario. My ongoing collaboration with Denis Villeneuve has been incredibly rewarding and inspiring and it’s a great privilege to work with filmmakers of the calibre of Denis, Roger Deakins and Joe Walker and all the other amazing artists who worked on this film.”

Director Alê Abreu, Best Animated Feature, “Boy and the World.”
I am so honored and happy to have our film recognized by the Academy, I have no words. Thank you! It was a great year for animation around the globe, and the Academy’s continued recognition of our work will continue to inspire.

Ed Lachman, Best Cinematography, “Carol”
“I am moved by this nomination and recognition of my work in Carol and the work of my crew, the vision and inspiration of my director Todd Haynes. Thank you to the Academy.”

Director Deniz Gamze Ergüven, Best Foreign Language Film, “Mustang”
From the bottom of my heart thank you to the Academy. You have given our film the strongest of spotlights on a subject matter so crucial for many women across the world today. As a female director this support is crucial and I trust the absolute power of cinema to trigger change. Thank you to the five young actresses of Mustang for their courage and their persistence in defending freedom, the entire team of the film and to Cohen Media for having carried Mustang to such a beautiful day. Thank you to France, I am extremely proud and grateful to represent this country here today. This nomination is an absolute honor and a dream come true.

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