Rush Limbaugh Slams Women’s March as ‘Little Temper Tantrum’ (Audio)

“They can’t even tell us why these women protested,” radio host says

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh slammed the Women’s March during his show Monday, saying, “They can’t even tell us why these women protested.”

Limbaugh asked, “What are they protesting? Are they really protesting that a guy was caught on videotape saying he wanted to grab women?

“Is that how delicate? Is that how sensitive? Is that how fragile these women are, really, after years and years of feminism? Meanwhile, we’ve actually had a sitting Democratic president accused of rape,” he said. “These same women embraced it.”

He continued: “Donald Trump hasn’t done anything but utter a bunch of words and win an election, and these women simply can’t take it, from Madonna to Ashley Judd. I mean, it’s embarrassing. But, folks, it’s not gonna rebuild the Democrat Party. And they can’t even tell you what they’re doing it for. They’re just having a little temper tantrum.”

Saturday’s Women’s March was attended by millions of women across the world and featured appearances from a variety of celebrities. In fact, the combined attendance of the Washington D.C. Women’s March and its sister marches around the country and globe far outnumbered that of Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Contrary to Limbaugh’s comments, citizens marched en masse for a variety of causes that appear to be under threat from the Trump administration and the Republican majority on Capitol Hill. Issues women marched for included reproductive rights, civil rights, gun safety, climate change action and more.