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PB&J Sandwiches Are Haute Cuisine In ‘Chef’s Table’ Parody (Video)

”Jeff’s Table“ believes that Michelin Star entrees aren’t the only meals that should get close-ups and string montages

“Stranger Things,” “Making A Murderer,” and “BoJack Horseman” have ruled the Netflix roost lately, but for hardcore foodies, “Chef’s Table” is the ultimate streaming addiction.

Each episode of the documentary series shines a spotlight on one of the top chefs of the world, with lavish detail bestowed upon the making of their signature dishes. This Friday, “Chef’s Table” will return for its third season, which will be centered around the finest culinary craftsmen in France.

But why should entrees from Michelin Star restaurants be the only food worthy of detailed closeups played with Vivaldi’s Winter in the background? How about some love for the common man’s meal? The food blog Foodbeast decided to fill that niche with “Jeff’s Table,” a new parody series that takes the elegance of “Chef’s Table” and bestows it upon dishes that won’t rack up a check that costs more than a flight to Paris.

“There’s a feeling of elation, you know, when you make something average,” says the voiceover as a dollop of peanut butter is carefully spread across a slice of normal white bread. “It’s an affirmation, a sign of hunger.”

What’s next? A hot dog? Microwavable meals? A bowl of Cheerios?

The possibilities are endless for this series. Meanwhile, those hungry for the real “Chef’s Table” can dig in when new episodes arrive Sept. 2.

See the video above and click here for the full PB&J recipe.