Pepsi to Release Soda Flavor From ‘Back to the Future II’

Pepsi Perfect hits shelves on Oct. 21 — the day Marty McFly landed in the future in the 1989 film


Pepsi will release a limited edition soda titled Pepsi Perfect on Oct. 21, which marks the day in “Back to the Future II” on which Marty McFly arrived in the future and ordered a soda of the same name.

While Michael J. Fox‘s character paid $50 for the drink in the 1989 film, fans will be able to buy the bottle for $20.15 in real life.

Pepsi plans to release 6,500 bottles, with each being sold in a special case. However, while the bottle will be new, the formulation of the soda will stay the same as the already existing real-sugar version of Pepsi.

Pepsi will also celebrate “Back to the Future II” at New York Comic Con this month, sponsoring a panel and recreating a booth a la “Cafe 80s.” Each day of the conference, the first 200 fans to come dressed as McFly will receive their own bottle.

Watch the video of McFly ordering the bottle below.