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Perez Hilton to Play Danny Tanner in ‘Full House: The Musical’

Celebrity gossip blogger will appear in unauthorized parody show beginning Sept. 7 in New York

“Full House” fans probably never imagined Perez Hilton as head of household Danny Tanner, but they’ll get to see the celebrity gossip blogger’s take on Bob Saget’s character when he takes the stage in an unauthorized stage adaptation of the popular ABC sitcom.

The celebrity blogger told Howard Stern on that he will appear as the super-tidy dad in “Full House: The Musical,” which begins its run at Theater 80 on St. Mark’s Place in New York City on September 7.

“I will be playing Bob Saget basically in a musical,” Hilton told Stern while appearing on the radio personality’s Sirius XM show on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Saget is preparing to reprise the role on the upcoming Netflix spin-off series, “Fuller House.”

The musical will “follow Danny’s wacky and hilarious descent into madness as he slowly turns from wholesome Danny Tanner to foul-mouthed and dark Bob Saget.”

Outrageous song titles are expected to include “This House is Too Full,” “Our Family is Better Than Your Family,” “I’m Kind of a Slut (But Just Enough for Network TV),” “Dad Speech (I’m a F-cking Superhero),” and “Kimmy Gibler Don’t Give a F-k.”

Lifetime also recently announced it will develop an unauthorized “Full House” movie similar to its previous “Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story.”

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