Rachel Zoe on Her Journey From ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ Designer to Out-Front Boss | Video

Power Women Summit 2019: ”I was very comfortable, and still am, very comfortable, behind the scenes,“ designer says

Fashion designer Rachel Zoe says she never intended for her Bravo series, “The Rachel Zoe Project,” to be about her. Yes, the title of the reality show, which ran for five seasons from 2008-2013, might have her name smack in the middle of it, but her original idea was to be behind the scenes.

Zoe said that “the intention was never to be in front,” during her “How to Be a Boss: Building Your Brand” panel, moderated by Condé Nast Entertainment’s Teal Newland, at WrapWomen’s Power Women Summit on Friday. She says it’s “insane, actually,” that it happened because she didn’t want to be followed around by cameras.

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Jennifer Maas

Jennifer Maas

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