‘Ray Donovan’ Season 3 Teaser Promises ‘A Great Adventure’ – And Yes, Dead Bodies (Video)

“I’ve been wiping blood off the floors for too long,” Liev Schreiber’s titular character opines ahead of summer premiere

Showtime released a Season 3 teaser for summer series “Ray Donovan” on Friday, promising “a great adventure,” backyard barbecues and blood — lots of blood.

The clip opens and closes with ominous quotes from Elliott Gould‘s Ezra Goodman character.

“Tip the country on its side, and everything that falls loose, lands in L.A.,” he states at the beginning — not entirely untrue, if you’ve spent any amount of time in our great city.

Soon Liev Schreiber‘s titular character does all the talking.

“Been 25 years of my life being told what to do,” Ray Donovan says to seemingly no one in particular. “I’m done now.”

“I’ve been wiping blood off the floors for too long,” the protagonist continues his vows later in the two-minute, 25-second clip. “I’m tired of fixing things for people who don’t deserve it.”

Cue the violence.

“You’ll see Raymond, it’s going to be a great adventure,” Gould’s character says closing the clip.

The premium cable channel’s teaser was made extra haunting by an eerily appropriate “California Dreamin’” cover.

Watch the video above.

“Ray Donovan” returns to Showtime for Season 3 on July 12 at 9 p.m.