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Reggie Jackson Apologizes for Cursing Out Autograph-Seeking Fan

”Certainly not a way to communicate. Mad or not, no excuse,“ baseball great admits

Baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson on Sunday apologized for swearing at an autograph-seeking fan at a restaurant in Cooperstown, New York.

Jackson apparently had a change of heart and said he was sorry for unleashing a foul-mouthed rant on Friday night on a fan who he claimed was trying to get multiple autographs in one day.

“A sincere apology for my profanity in public to all fans. Certainly not a way to communicate. Mad or not, no excuse,” Jackson tweeted from his @MrOctober account.

His mea culpa came after the New York Daily News posted video showing the 69-year-old Yankees legend angrily complaining that a signature seeker was being a pest.

“I signed for one guy and he ran to the end of the f—– line,” Jackson screamed at a group of fans who had crowded around him watching the incident. “That’s f—– up. Now it’s my time to eat dinner with people I don’t see but once a f—— a year for 20 years and I gotta f—– …listen, it’s dirty, it feels like s—, it really does. Stand in f—ing line tomorrow and pay like every one f— else.”

The incident escalated when one of Jackson’s bodyguards allegedly grabbed a fan who called his security team “weak.”

“Whoa, he f—– bumped him,” a fan is heard to shout, a charge later denied by Jackson.

Jackson was in Coopertown to attend Sunday’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Watch the video below of Jackson giving the fan a piece of his mind. A warning the clip contains explicit language.