Rep. Nancy Mace Says College Presidents Who Won’t Condemn Antisemitism Must ‘Resign or Be Fired’ | Video

She also asserted that Israel is “the only country in the world that is literally at risk of real genocide” on “Fox News Sunday”

Rep. Nancy Mace spoke with “Fox News Sunday” anchor Shannon Bream about antisemitism in the United States, particularly instances of antisemitism on college campuses, in the wake of Liz Magill’s resignation as president of the University of Pennsylvania. Mace told the host bluntly, “Well, any college president in this country who cannot condemn antisemitism, cannot condemn Jewish genocide, they need to resign or be fired.”

“There ought to be consequences for that, because the reality is Israel is the only country in the world that is literally at risk of real genocide,” she continued. “And that’s what we’re talking about here. It’s disgusting. It’s shameful. It shouldn’t be happening on our campuses.”

The pair also discussed accounts of sexual violence against Israeli women at the hands of Hamas militants on Oct. 7. Bream said that Israel has “produced over 1,500 pieces of evidence” of sexually violent crimes, in reference to the number of eyewitness accounts the country has claimed to have collected.

Bream played a clip of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Sheryl Sandberg speaking to the United Nations about sexual violence on Oct. 7, as well as a video of Hillary Clinton calling on the United Nations to “respond to weaponized sexual violence wherever it happens.”

Mace, a survivor of rape, agreed with the sentiment but asked, “Where are the women? Where are the women’s groups who profess to be fighting for women around the world who’ve been dead silent on this issue?”

“I mean, we know now, we now know that Hamas in their battle plan was to go in and systematically rate, mutilate and murder these Israeli women and I’m a survivor of rape. But the difference here is that I survived but many of these Israeli women didn’t,” Mace continued.

“And they were mutilated and murdered while it was happening, and I can’t think of anything more shameful to see these women’s groups, to see women on the left, women in the House, my colleagues on the left, who refuse to say what this is, which is shameful,” she added. “It’s disgusting, It’s barbaric, and we ought to be condemning it from every corner of our country. Every woman should be condemning this and I think it’s shameful.”

Reports of violent atrocities against Israeli women have been shared by NPR, the Associated Press and Reuters. Volunteer rescue worker Simcha Greiniman told NPR of one woman, “She was abused in a way we could not understand and could not deal with.”

U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres acknowledged the accounts of sexual assault and rape in a letter shared on Twitter on Wednesday.

Watch the interview with Nancy Mace in the video above.


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