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Report: Marion Cotillard Joining ‘Dark Knight Rises’

Oscar winner in talks to reunite with her ”Inception“ director for Batman sequel

"The Dark Knight Rises" is beginning to feel more like "Inception 2." 

Christopher Nolan is stacking his Batman sequel with many of the same people who made his dream within a dream within a dream thriller a blockbuster hit. Marion Cotillard, who played Leonardo DiCaprio's dead wife in "Inception," is in talks for "The Dark Knight Rises," according to French newspaper Le Parisien.

A representative for Cotillard and a spokesperson for Warner Brothers did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

It's not clear yet what role Cotillard would play, as Anne Hathaway is already confirmed for the role of love interest/villain Catwoman.

First Tom Hardy, then rumors that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would join the cast, now Cotillard. It's beginning to seem like Nolan has a tiny problem casting outside his comfort zone.