‘Riverdale’: Cheryl Needs a Chainsaw in Sneak Peek at ‘Heathers’ Musical Episode (Video)

What’s your damage, Cher-bear?

Well [bleep] Cheryl gently with a chainsaw, because she is not messing around in this sneak peek at Wednesday’s “Riverdale,” which features The CW series’ cast performing “Heathers: The Musical.”

In the preview below, we find out Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) has rightfully been given the part of Heather Chandler, the HBIC from the ’90s cult classic, while Veronica (Camila Mendes) is taking on Heather McNamara and Betty (Lili Reinhart) is Heather Duke. But, as Kevin — once again the Riverdale High musical’s director — puts it, “Cheryl is the mythic bitch.”

And in the musical episode’s second teaser — which you can view above — Cheryl takes that title up to 11 when she finds out Toni has been set as the choreographer for the production, and she’s, uh, not too happy about her ex girlfriend being in charge of her dance steps.

“Um, does anyone have a chainsaw because what the-,” Miss Blossom says before the preview cuts out.

And Betty knows the cast has even bigger problems to worry about, as Evelyn has been appointed Kevin’s co-director and will surely be bringing her farm-girl attitude into all of this.

Yes, “Riverdale’s” next musical episode — which follow Season 2’s take on “Carrie” — is sure to be “big fun” for everyone.

Watch the teasers above and below.

“Riverdale” airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.