‘Rocky’ Statue Closed by City of Philadelphia for Repairs

Might we suggest the Betsy Ross house instead?

Last Updated: May 30, 2017 @ 7:43 AM

Sorry, Philadelphia tourists and faux pugilism fans: For the next two weeks, the famous “Rocky” statue is being closed by the city for “improvements.”

“The statue will not be accessible for photographs during this time,” according to VisitPhilly.com.

The bronze “Rocky” statue, created by Colorado sculptor A. Thomas Schomberg, is located on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, to the right of the base of the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps. It has spent time elsewhere, including in front of the Spectrum.

The creation and placement of the nearly 9-foot-tall monument to Sylvester Stallone’s fictional boxing character was actually all part of the “Rocky III” script. In the films, Rocky Balboa would finish his epic runs across Philadelphia at the top of the museum’s steps, capping off the cardio with a little shadow boxing.

The city has celebrated the franchise’s setting since the original “Rocky” won the Best Picture Oscar in 1977. To-date, there have been six sequels made and released.

Read more about the history of the 2,000-pound “Rocky” Statue here.

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