Third Woman Claims Roman Polanski ‘Sexually Victimized’ Her as a Minor

Accuser’s attorney Gloria Allred to host press conference on Tuesday

Last Updated: August 15, 2017 @ 8:46 AM

A third woman who says she was sexually victimized by film director Roman Polanski when she was a minor will hold a press conference on Tuesday, attorney Gloria Allred announced.

The press conference will be held on Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. PST in Los Angeles, CA.

The Oscar winner (“The Pianist”) pled guilty in 1977 to having sex with a 13-year-old girl, Samantha Geimer. He served 42 days in jail after a plea bargain, but later fled the United States to avoid a potentially stiffer penalty.

Polanski says the judge, Judge Laurence Rittenband, reneged on the plea deal and insisted he serve up to 50 years in jail after the agreement was signed. Rittenband, who died in 1993, consistently denied the accusations.

In April, “Judge Scott Gordon has issued his ruling in the matter of the People v. Roman Polanski following the hearing on March 20, 2017. Judge Gordon has ruled that Defendant’s motions and corresponding requests are denied,” a media advisory from the court noted.

Those requests include a February request sent by Polanski to a judge, which would have allowed Polanski to return to the United States without serving any additional jail time.

Polanski is now 83-years-old. His victim in the 1977 case has publicly come out against extradition, stating that the director has suffered enough simply by living his life in some semblance of hiding.

In 2010, English actress Charlotte Lewis, also represented by Allred, accused Polanski of sexually assaulting the actress when she was 16 years old, before the two worked together on “Pirates.” According to Lewis, the alleged incident occurred in Polanski’s apartment in Paris.

Polanski’s attorney has not yet responded to TheWrap’s request for comment.