Russell Crowe Launches Twitter Campaign for ‘Master & Commander’ Sequel

Action star asks fans to email Fox Films CEO to ask for the return of Captain Jack Aubrey

Russell Crowe's "Master and Commander" was a critical hit, but a box office underachiever.

Released in 2003 for $150 million, the action epic grossed $212 million worldwide. It did manage to rack up 10 Oscar nominations, but the so-so grosses doomed the prospect of Crowe returning to the high seas as Capt. Jack Aubrey.  

However, Crowe is hoping that by calling on his 110,000 Twitter followers he can muster enough interest to force Fox to green light a second film adaptation of the Napoleonic wars novels.

"If you want a Master and Commander sequel I suggest you e-mail Tom Rothman at Fox and let him know your thoughts," Crowe tweeted.

Rothman is probably breathing a sigh of relief that the actor didn't include the Fox chief's personal email address in his tweet.

His case probably isn't helped by the fact that his most recent film "The Next Three Days" tanked at the box office.