Ryan Lochte Embraces Peeing in the Pool in Funny or Die Video

Ryan Lochte says he's going to tell kids it's OK to pee in the pool

Ryan Lochte is a man on a mission.

In a new Funny or Die video, the Olympics star admits there is only one place where he relieves himself — the swimming pool.

"The pool is the biggest and most expensive toilet and it's all mine," the Gold Medal winner said.

"I hold it in until I get to the pool," he added.

Lochte made waves last week when he confessed that he saw no problem with urinating in pools. Credit Ryan Seacrest for unearthing that key piece of intelligence.

And now he's ready to remove the stigma for a rising generation of pool pee-ers.

"Kids, it is OK to pee in the pool," Lochte said.

Alert the corporate barons at NBC, because it sounds the makings of a heck of a "The More You Know" campaign.