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Samuel L Jackson Drops F-Bombs About Dragons in Obscenity-Laced ‘Game of Thrones’ Recap (Video)

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(Spoiler alert: Please do not read on if you are not caught up on “Game of Thrones”)

“Game of Thrones” fan Samuel L. Jackson is ready to shepherd other viewers through the valley of darkness that is the long wait until Season 7.

Jackson provides the narration in a video recapping the major events of the series to date. And in true Jackson style, there are a few well-placed curse words in there, particularly with regards to the dragons.

“You wanna see a dragon, motherf—–? Alright, here you go. Here you f—– go!” he says at one point in the video as the fire-breathers descend.

Jackson also has no kind words for Joffrey, whom he dubs a “jerk,” and advises viewers not to get too attached to any members of the Stark family.

While he covers a lot of ground in the almost eight-minute video, Jackson admits that there is much more to the show than he can cover in the time he has.

“All of this is is nothing compared to what we didn’t have a chance to get to,” he said. “The backstabbing, the lying, the cheating, the parts that will make you feel uncomfortable.”

He’s talking about you, Ramsay Bolton.

Watch the video.