Sebastian Stan Might Have His Chance to Finally Play Luke Skywalker

If “The Mandalorian” makes a certain young Jedi a part of their story, we know who to cast

Sebastian Stan Mark Hamill

“The Mandalorian” surprised fans by bringing back Luke Skywalker in its second season finale. The young Jedi showed up in a moment that was both exciting and heartbreaking — he saved Mando and Grogu from Moff Gideon but took Grogu from his adopted space dad. We’re not sure what’s going to happen to Grogu in Season 3, but we do know that we want to see more of Luke Skywalker.

And while Mark Hamill obviously can’t play young Luke, there is someone who can. Someone who fans have been saying should play the character for years. Someone who has even endorsed it himself.

To put it plainly: cast Sebastian Stan as young Luke, you cowards!

The resemblance of Stan to a young Hamill is pretty uncanny, but that’s not the only reason fans have been calling for his involvement in “Star Wars.” There’s pretty much a perfect storm of things that make him the absolute only choice if we were to ever get a young Luke in “The Mandalorian” or any other live-action “Star Wars” property.

As the tweet says, he’s much already primed for the role. He’s an actor already working under the Disney umbrella with his Marvel films, so it would be pretty easy to lure him to the Lucasfilm side. (As Pixar just did with Chris Evans.) And despite the fact that he’s just boarded a Hulu biopic to play Tommy Lee opposite Lily James’ Pamela Anderson, his only current project is “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” which has already finished filming. The third season of “The Mandalorian” probably wouldn’t start filming until sometime next year but, either way, that leaves a convenient slot of time available in terms of scheduling.

Back in 2017, at Rhode Island Comic Con, Stan expressed interest in playing the role in a video that quickly went viral. Of course, one would think that Hamill might want to give his own approval when it comes to someone else taking over the iconic role in some capacity. And he technically did, making a tweet that joked, “Sorry to disappoint you but I refuse to say ‘Sebastian Stan – I AM YOUR FATHER!’ (Even though, in fact, I am.)” Yes, even Mark Hamill wants to see Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker. And that’s a pretty big endorsement.

Come on, Disney! Give the people what they want!

We’ll forgive “The Mandalorian” this one time for using CGI. Maybe Stan wasn’t available or just couldn’t commit. But basically, if “The Mandalorian” is going to give us more Luke Skywalker, just cast Stan and make everyone happy. We guarantee that it’ll be the win that we all need in 2021.



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