See 10 Minutes of ‘John Carter’ Now (Video)

Disney releases 10 minutes of footage from its high-budget "John Carter," which opens March 9

With less than a week to go before the March 9 release of Disney's big-budget action-sci-fi "John Carter," the studio is offering a 10-minute scene from the film.

Don't expect any of the PG-13-rated film's aliens or fancy special effects here, though. This is strictly western stuff: John Carter, a confederate soldier, pulling a gun in a bar in the old west. Carter beating up a Union colonel. Carter on horseback.

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Prepare for lines including, "You're cut off, Carter. Now get on home," "Your presence is requested up at the fort. I suggest you come peacefully" and "Sir, whatever it is you suppose I owe you, our country or any other beloved cause, I have already paid. I have paid in full. Sir."

And here it is: