Meyers Roasts Tucker Carlson’s ‘Proof-of-Life’ Video: ‘Why Are You Zooming in From Your Sauna?’ (Video)

“That place looks like the Unabomber’s hideout if he updated it and put it on Airbnb,” Meyers joked on Thursday’s “Late Night”

Tucker Carlson officially broke his silence after his ouster from Fox News this week, posting a video on Wednesday night from an undisclosed location. Or, as Seth Meyers referred to it in a thorough roasting on Thursday night, “what I can only assume is a secret lair at the base of a volcano, or a fake doctor’s office from a low-budget porno.”

The “Late Night” host joked that the video from Carlson came off as nothing more than a “proof-of-life video,” then proceeded to tear it apart.

“Seriously, why are you zooming in from your sauna?” Meyers mocked. “That place looks like the Unabomber’s hideout if he updated it and put it on Airbnb.”

Meyers then homed in on the “carefully planted details” in the background of the video, including the globe sitting on the shelf behind Carlson, which the host assumed is meant to make viewers think “This motherf—er is worldly!”

But, he was pretty amused with how the video seems to fit in with a larger trend.

“What is it with these right-wing weirdos filming incredibly close-up videos from their phony-looking home studios?” he said. “Trump does the same thing now with his stupid campaign videos. You know, his Zach Galifianakis rip-off ‘Between Two Flags.’”

At one point, Meyers joked that it Carlson looked “like he’s auditioning to be the new chief on ‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?’” In the end though, it was the ending of the Carlson’s video itself that unnerved Meyers the most, in which the former Fox host signed off with a simple “see you soon.”

“It’s very chilling when a figure as nefarious as Tucker ends a self-taped video from an undisclosed location with the words ‘See you soon’ and then just disappears,” Meyers said with a chuckle. “He should’ve pointed to the globe when he said that. ‘See you soon…Jakarta!’ That’s how a jilted husband ends a voicemail in a Lifetime movie.”

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.