‘Simpsons’-‘Futurama’ Crossover Sneak Peek: Homer Finally Finds a Couch Worthy of His Laziness (Video)

The yellow-skinned cartoon patriarch discovers that the future is ready for his uber-sloth

The future is looking good for Homer Simpson.

Fox’s “The Simpsons” finally meets with Matt Groening‘s other animated brainchild,”Futurama,” in a special crossover episode on Sunday, and a first look at the episode’s couch gag reveals that 742 Evergreen Terrace’s resident layabout will find plenty to enjoy about the conveniences of the post-modern age.

Such as a couch that not only allows him to plop his ample behind down, but gives him a massage to boot.

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The crossover episode, airing 8 p.m. on Sunday, also features the Planet Express crew from “Futurama” arriving in present-day Springfield to stop Homer and his clan from destroying the future.

Mmmm, destroyed future…

Watch a sneak peek of Sunday’s couch gag below.