‘Small Town Security’ Preview: Crystal Is Moving on Up (Exclusive Video)

AMC's offbeat unscripted series returns Thursday at 10 p.m./9c

The cat's out of the bag when AMC's "Small Town Security" returns for its second season on Thursday.

Apparently, Season 1 had some Ringgold, Ga. residents hopping mad over how the town was portrayed. Thankfully, Queen Bee Joan Koplan doesn't really care.

“People are entitled to their opinion," she said of the controversy. "But shut up already, it's not a porno movie.”

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Well said, Joan. If you haven't seen the series, it follows Koplan and her team at JJK Security. They're quirky, have some compelling back-stories and their fair share of eccentricities. Most of all, they're like family.

That brings us to TheWrap's exclusive sneak peek at Thursday's premiere. The whole office gets in on helping Christa Stephens with her dream of moving from the office secretary to a fullfledged private eye.

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Also, if you want to hear the cast's best quotes, visit AMC's soundboard. In addition, the cast will be tweeting live during the premiere and you can tweet your questions to "Small Town Security" on Twitter with the hashtag #smalltownsecurity.

Watch our exclusive preview below.

"Small Town Security" Season 2 premieres Thursday at 10 p.m./9c.