Someone Thinks ‘The Social Network’ is Accurate: The Winklevoss Twins

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss call the Aaron Sorkin-penned drama “a true story”

Much noise has been made about the accuracy of "The Social Network," most of it decrying the story of Facebook's founding for being loose with the truth.

But at least two of the principal characters — Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss — say the film is largely on the mark.

"It does a great job of capturing the factual events of the 18 months of the founding of Facebook. It is a true story," Cameron said in an interview with Reuters.

Legal action by the 6'5" identical Winklevoss twins — which makes up a large part of the storyline — has resulted in undisclosed settlement payments rumored in the tens of millions. Still, they're fighting Facebook to this day over what they say was undisclosed value in the company.

The twins were not  in any way involved in the making of the movie.

"We were basically bystanders," Cameron told Reuters. "We were hoping for the best. And we were relieved when we saw the movie."

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