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‘Star Trek Beyond’ Star Simon Pegg Warns Against Watching the Movie’s Trailers

Writer/actor suggests anyone planning to see the third installment in the rebooted franchise go into promotion lockdown until they have a seat for the film

Simon Pegg, writer and star of the upcoming “Star Trek Beyond,” has a warning for those planning to see the movie: withdraw into a media-free cocoon until showtime.

That’s the presumption anyway, after his Twitter account tweeted earlier today, “If you are planning to go see Star Trek Beyond, Simon suggests you avoid all TV Spots and trailers from this point forward.”

With the movie being one of the biggest, most anticipated releases of the the summer, avoiding “all TV spots and trailers” is tantamount to setting fire to your TV remote and chucking your MacBook into the street.

Pegg might not be the most reliable voice when it comes to pre-promotion for the blockbuster, having said of the movie’s first trailer in December, “I didn’t love it, because I know there’s a lot more to the film … a lot more, what I would call, ‘Star Trek stuff.’ But they’ve got to bring a big audience in. They’ve got to bang the drum.”

The actor and co-writer of the movie’s script no longer tweets directly, instead his Twitter account is, as it says on his profile, “moderated on Simon’s behalf.” In November 2014, the previously vigorous tweeter withdrew from the social platform, saying, “I’ve decided to give Twitter a break for the time being … I haven’t been enjoying it for a while now … Ultimately, I think we’ve just grown apart. What I’m saying is, it’s not you, it’s me.”

Early reviews of “Star Trek Beyond” have been very positive, with the movie scoring an 89 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes at the time this post published. Saying “it’s not exactly bold, but ‘Beyond’ does satisfy,” TheWrap critic Russ Fischer praised the third installment in the rebooted franchise for cutting “right to the core of the series’ original appeal, giving the terrific cast a chance to play against one another.”

“Star Trek Beyond” hits theaters on Friday.

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