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Don’t Mess With New Yorkers: Staten Island Shoppers Go Ballistic at Sight of Unmasked Patron

Clean up of totally humiliated person on Aisle 5

Mask or no mask — that is definitely not up for debate in a ShopRite grocery store in Staten Island, New York, where a group of irate shoppers was captured on video screaming at a woman who wasn’t wearing a mask.

“Get the f— out of here!” one shopper yelled, as a crowd gathered around the woman attempting to push her cart through a refrigerated food aisle.

As seen in the clip in the tweet below, masked patrons protecting themselves from the spread of the coronavirus began to swarm around the woman, who was at first unmoved by their ire. But as more shoppers joined in the chants of “Get out!” she eventually walked out.

“CONTEXT ALERT,” Newsweek reporter Andrew Feinberg tweeted. “Staten Island is the only one of New York City’s boroughs which @realDonaldTrump carried in 2016. And these people are clearly not in agreement with mask avoidance.”

Although the CDC recommends wearing a cloth face mask in public during the COVID-19 pandemic to help slow the spread of the disease, Trump has been defiant about doing so in front of cameras.

“Westworld” actor Jeffrey Wright noted that the New York borough has been hit especially hard by the coronavirus, so, as he put it, “they ain’t havin it.”


New York native Michael Rapaport had a few choice words, as well.

Here are a few others who cheered on that Staten Island state of mind: