Stephen Colbert: 9/11 Museum Cross Will Spoil Care-Free Visit for Atheists

“Colbert Report” host faults atheists for public relations debacle

Atheists groups are mounting a legal challenge to the display of a cross-shaped steel beam at the 9/11 Museum, contending that it will cause “mental anguish” for non-believers because it promotes religion.

Stephen Colbert had a hard time stomaching their complaints.

“Yes, this cross causes mental anguish for atheists who would otherwise have a care-free visit to the 9/11 Museum,” the Comedy Central star said on Monday’s “The Colbert Report.” “It would ruin it.”

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Colbert took offense not only as a Catholic, but as a lover of good public relations.

“Come on atheists, you’re protesting a cross in the 9/11 Museum,” Colbert said. “I know you don’t believe God can hear you, but you realize the rest of us can, right?”

If the cross is allowed to stand, atheists are asking the museum to hang a plaque that honors the non-believers who died during the World Trade Center attack.

“Apparently atheists want to honor lack of belief at Ground Zero though I personally think the entire tragedy already suggests that religious fervor sometimes has a downside,” Colbert said.

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