Stephen Colbert Finds a Sexy Angle to the Trump Impeachment Hearings That You Can’t Un-See (Video)

Prepare to laugh and vomit a little

Colbert Trump Impeachment Sexy

Stephen Colbert is still pretty gleeful about the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, but he took a break from grinning on Wednesday’s episode of “The Late Show” to sex things up with an amusing joke about the latest hearings. And nope, you can’t delete the imagery from your brain.

The bit came at the top of his monologue when Colbert noted that the House Judiciary Committee chose to hold its latest impeachment hearings on Wednesday night instead of a daytime session like normal. “That’s right, it’s ‘Impeachment: After dark.’” Colbert quipped. “Ooh, Congressman Nadler, my presidential power has been badly abused. Why don’t you just pound. That. Gavel.”

“And I promise you,” Colbert said as he fake-leered at the camera, “I’ll yield back my time.”

Colbert didn’t stop with just one uncomfortable Trump-related image, however. He brought up how on Tuesday, Trump held a MAGA rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania. “Obviously because Pennsylvania is a critical swing state and not because he’s a big baby who likes candy,” Colbert said.

He then played a clip of Trump saying during the rally: “Hershey chocolate, I like Hershey chocolate.”

“I stand corrected,” Colbert added.

There’s more, and it’s pretty funny. Watch the whole clip below: